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Wintersport Day

impressions from our yearly group skiing 'adventure'


This year's Wintersport Day of the group took place on Monday, 13 Feburary and turned out to be a big success! We started the trip to 'Reit im Winkel' with two cars from Munich centre at around 6:30 am and arrived at about 8:30 am. The weather turned out to be great once the gondola passed through all the clouds covering Reit in a foggy soup. The picture of all participants on the highest point, named 'Steinplatte' at 1869 m above sea level, is proof of the trip. At around 4:15 pm we took the last possible ski lift for the final ride downhill to the parking lot, reaching it at about 5 pm. The wintersport day ended ariving again in Munich at around 6:30 pm. To conclude: It was a great day! We are looking forward seeing you on our next Wintersport Day!