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2017 student trip to CERN

From 8 August to 10 August 2017 we had our (almost) annul student visit to CERN.

The trip was organised by Dr. Sascha Mehlhase and Prof. Dorothee Schaile and included a full-day tour for 40 bachelor and master students. After a nice general-overview talk by Jochen Heinrich, we took the stundents to six main itenaries , guided by Nikolai Hartmann, Jochen Heinrich and others.

We've seen the AMS controll room, the CERN controll room, the magnet-test facility (SM18)restaurant 2, the anti-proton decelerator complex, the CERN data center as well as the ATLAS visitor center.

We continued the discussion over burgers and drinks in Geneva.

Here's a few impressions of the trip ...

cerntrip01 cerntrip02 cerntrip03 cerntrip04