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Group seminar

Seminar talks in our group seminar given in
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Group seminar summer term 2018

  • 18/04/18; Duckeck, Günter et al.; Status and new developments for ATLAS distributed computing at LMU; PDF, PDF, PDF, PDF
  • 25/04/18; Kleinknecht, Konrad; Einstein und Heisenberg
  • 02/05/18; Habedank, Martin; Calibrating the ATLAS muon spectrometer for a search for stable massive particles; PDF
  • 16/05/18; Flierl, Bernhard; Performance of the SM2-Module for the NSW-Upgrade; PDF
  • 23/05/18; Fischer, Florian; Studies on the measurement of the ttZ Produktion cross section in the dilepton channel; PDF
  • 30/05/18; Schanet, Eric; Search for supersymmetry in events with one lepton in the final state
  • 06/06/18; Holzbock, Michael; Compressed scenarios - the last hideout of SUSY?
  • 13/06/18; Leitgeb, Clara; Optimization methods for the search for direct pair production of scalar taus; PDF
  • 20/06/18; Handl, David; Search for top-squark pair production in single lepton final states with the ATLAS detector
  • 27/06/18; Matic, Andrea; Search for associated production of dark matter with a Higgs boson decaying to bb
  • 04/07/18; Krieter, Ferdinand; Search for direct pair production of scalar tau leptons
  • 11/07/18; Mann, Alexander; Supersymmetry Searches with Tau Leptons at the LHC (Habilitation lecture)
  • 18/07/18; Arrubarrena, Paola; Studies for the monotop analysis

Group seminar winter term 2017/2018

  • 18/10/17; Lory, Alexander; Exploring compressed scenarios in signal models with scalar top quarks decaying to tau leptons and a reinterpretation in terms of leptoquarks; PDF
  • 25/10/17; Müller, Ralph; Status of SM2-micromegas production in Munich
  • 08/11/17; Duckeck, Günter et al.; Recent progress in ATLAS distributed computing; PDF
  • 22/11/17; Adersberger, Michael; Report from the LHC Long-Lived Particle Workshop in Triest; PDF
  • 29/11/17; Handl, David; Search for scalar top quarks in the single lepton channel & studies towards the end of Run 2; PDF
  • 06/12/17; Klitzner, Felix; Floating strip micromegas in medical imaging applications; PDF
  • 13/12/17; Holzbock, Michael; Stopless? - Recent results of the stop to stau search; PDF
  • 20/12/17; Herrmann, Maximilian; Investigation of the PCB alignment of micromegas for the NSW; PDF
  • 10/01/18; Köck, Daniela; Search for chargino and neutralino production in events with two same sign leptons; PDF
  • 17/01/18; Krieter, Ferdinand; New elements to extend the search for direct scalar tau pair production; PDF
  • 24/01/18; Matic, Andrea; Search for dark matter in the mono-Higgs channel; PDF
  • 31/01/18; Heinrich, Jochen; Search for stable massive particles
  • 14/02/18; Bogavac, Danijela; Searches for supersymmetric particles in events with one lepton, jets and missing transverse momentum; PDF

Group seminar summer term 2017

  • 03/05/17; Duckeck, Günter et al; Highlights in Grid ComputingPDF
  • 10/05/17; Wagner-Kuhr, Jeannine; Vom Top Quark zum Stop QuarkPDF (14h15 Kleiner Physikhörsaal)
  • 17/05/17; Heinrich, Jochen; Report from the Bukarest workshop + All good things come to an end - a search for stable massive particles; PDF
  • 24/05/17; Flierl, Bernhard; Multi-Detector Particle Tracking; PDF
  • 31/05/17; Arrubarrena, Paola; Background estimation for the 1-lepton stop search with ATLAS; PDF
  • 07/06/17; Handl, David; Machine Learning techniques in High Energy Physics (“lecture + work seminar”); PDF
  • 14/06/17; Fischer, Florian; Studies on the measurement of the top-antitop-Z production cross section in the 1-lepton channel; PDF
  • 21/06/17; Leitgeb, Clara; Search for direct production of scalar tau-leptons in run 2 with ATLAS; PDF
  • 28/06/17; Bogavac, Danijela; Search for SUSY particles in the 1-lepton channel
  • 05/07/17; Bachelor Symposium
  • 07/07/17; Bachelor Symposium
  • 12/07/17; Bogavac, Danijela; Search for supersymmetry in the EWK Wh 1lbb channel AND MET trigger analysis; PDF 
  • 19/07/17; Hartmann, Nikolai; EPS highlights 
  • 26/07/17; Köck, Daniela; Search for electroweak SUSY in the 2L/SS channel; PDF
  • 26/07/17; Samara, Adam; Reweighting technique for improving the W+jet background
  • 02/08/17; Schachtner, Balthasar; Stop to stau analysis

Group seminar winter term 2016/2017

  • 26/10/16; Krieter, FerdinandSearch for direct pair production of top squarks decaying via scalar taus; PDF
  • 02/11/16; Bender, Michael; Report from the African School of Physics 2016; PDF
  • 10/11/16; Heinrich, Jochen; Good things come to those who wait: Search for stable massive particles; PDF
  • 16/11/16; Matic, Andrea; Search for R-parity violating SUSY in final states with 4 leptons; PDF
  • 23/11/16; Holzbock, Michael; Soft muons: low p T extension of efficiency measurements; PDF
  • 30/11/16; Bender, Michael; Measurement of the top quark mass using the lepton pT; PDF
  • 14/12/16; Klitzner, Felix; R&D on thin floating strip micromegas; PDF
  • 14/12/16; Handl, David; Improvement of the MET-trigger using topological clustering in the calorimeter / Search for top squarks with one isolated lepton; PDF
  • 21/12/16; Hartmann, Nikolai; Six jets are not enough: A search for SUSY in 1-Lepton multijet events PDF
  • 21/12/16; Bogavac, Danijela; Search for gluinos and squarks in final states with an isolated lepton and a Higgs boson; PDF
  • 11/01/17; Schachtner, Balthasar; Search for SUSY in final states with light leptons and b-jets; PDF
  • 18/01/17; Fischer, Florian; Studies on tt and tt+X at 13 TeV; PDF
  • 18/01/17; Frank, Isabel; Studies on floating strip micromegas in proton beams at the Heidelberg Ion Therapy facility
  • 25/01/17; Adersberger, Michael; Search for stable massive particles with 2016 data; PDF
  • 01/02/17; Lösel, Philipp; Precision studies with resistive strip micromegas and their dependance on detector size; PDF
  • 01/02/17; Müller, Ralph; PoSSuMuS - A Position Sensitive Scintillating Muon Detector with SiPM Readout; PDF
  • 08/02/17; Leitgeb, Clara; Search for direct pair-production of scalar tau-leptons with LHC Run-2 data; PDF
  • ??/??/??; Maier, Thomas; Search for a heavy Higgs boson decaying to W+ W-

Group seminar summer term 2016

Group seminar winter term 2015/2016

Group seminar summer term 2015

Group seminar winter term 2014/2015

  • 28/01/15; Kitali, VincentSignal efficiency studies on the search for long-lived particles; PDF
  • 28/01/15; Heinrich, JochenSearch for stable massive particles (SMPs) and MuGirl reconstruction efficiency studies for alternative TGC read out schemes; PDF
  • 10/12/14; Adersberger, Michael; Studies on velocity measurements with the ATLAS Calorimeters; PDF
  • 15.10.14; Müller, Ralph Status of the surface construction and measurement procedures for NSW; PDF
  • 05.11.14; Lösel, Philipp Measuring and Calibration Facility for Large Size Micromegas; PDF
  • 12.11.14; Matic, Andrea:  Sensitivity to pMSSM models in the SUSY hard 1-lepton analysis; PDF
  • 26.11.14; Schachtner, Balthasar Search for electroweak production of SUSY in a HL-LHC scenario; PDF
  • 10.12.14; Adersberger, Michael Development of an improved β estimation for slow particles using the ATLAS calorimeters; PDF
  • 17.12.14; Maier, Thomas Current status and future plans for the high mass H → WW → lνlν analysis /xAODs - Usage and Performance; PDF
  • 17.12.14; Hönig, Friedrich The future of A → μμ searches; PDF
  • 07.01.15; Bender, Michael Alternative approach to determine mtop : the lepton pT method; PDF
  • 14.01.15; Bock, Christopher Searches for electroweak production of SUSY with 2 taus in the final state; PDF
  • 21.01.15; Burger, Angela Measurement of the top quark mass using jet angles; PDF
  • 28.01.15; Heinrich, Jochen, Kitali, Vincent Search for heavy long-lived particles; PDF

Group seminar summer term 2014

Group seminar winter term 2013/2014

Group seminar summer term 2013

Group seminar winter term 2012/2013

Group seminar summer term 2012

Group seminar winter term 2011/2012

Group seminar summer term 2011

Group seminar winter term 2010/2011

Group seminar summer term 2010

Group seminar winter term 2009/2010

Group seminar summer term 2009

Group seminar winter term 2008/2009

Group seminar summer term 2008

Group seminar winter term 2007/2008

Group seminar summer term 2007

Group seminar winter term 2006/2007

Group seminar summer term 2006

Group seminar winter term 2005/2006

Group seminar summer term 2005

Group seminar winter term 2004/2005

Group seminar summer term 2004

Group seminar winter term 2003/2004

Group seminar summer term 2003

  • 02.07.03; Brandt, Alexander ATHENA Kalibrationsdatenbankmanagement am Beispiel des ATLAS Höhenstrahlmeßstandes; PDF
  • 25.06.03; Christiansen, Tim Suche nach Leptoquarks der 2.Generation und Bericht von SUSY'03 über Dark Matter Searches; PDF
  • 11.06.03; Elmsheuser, Johannes Suche nach dem Zerfall H→WW und Messung der WW-Produktion; PDF
  • 28.05.03; Vertesi, Robert Produktion von Charm-Mesonen in 2-Photon-Kollisionen; PDF
  • 21.05.03; Dubbert, Jörg Series Test of ATLAS BOS MDT Chambers; PDF
  • 14.05.03; Rauscher, Felix Results from the Wire Position Measurement at the Cosmic Ray Facility; PDF
  • 07.05.03; Binder, Meta Suche nach Trilepton Ereignissen mit dem DØ Detektor; PDF
  • 30.04.03; Vollmer, Fritz Simultane Bestimmung der Masse und Breite des W-Bosons mittels einer vollständigen Faltungsmethode; PDF
  • 23.04.03; Bussmann, Michael Kristalline Teilchenstrahlen; PPT

Group seminar winter term 2002/2003

Group seminar summer term 2002

Group seminar winter term 2001/2002

Group seminar summer term 2001

Group seminar winter term 2000/2001

  • 02.02.01; Vollmer, Fritz What is a GOD (Gravity only Dimension) and can we proof its existence?; PDF

Group seminar winter term 1999/2000

  • 15.12.99; Dubbert, Jörg Bestimmung der W-Masse mit semi-leptonischen W-Zerfällen; PDF

Group seminar winter term 1998/1999