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Open Day - 13 October 2018 - wrap-up

wrapping up a successful day


We had yet another a very successful contribution to the Open Day in Garching. At the ground floor of the Institute for Advanced Studies we showed the 9500 pieces LEGO model of the Atlas detector, hosted a Build Your Own Particle Detector event/competition and had a little particle physics exhibition with live event displays from CERN, short movies about ATLAS and CERN, the Netzwerk Teilchenwelt button machine and loads of discussions! Ten members of the group took part in the event and loads if lively discussions with our visitor, who cam by the hundreds. Finally we hosted a screening of 'BBC Horizon - Inside CERN', a documentary about the 'famous' 750 GeV bump in 2015 LHC data, as well as an extensive question-and-answer sessions afterwards.

You can find all details and the winners of the BYOPD competition here.

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