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On the hunt for scalar top quarks

New ATLAS results with contributions from our group


ATLAS just released new results in the search for scalar top quarks. With major contributions from our group, a paper titled "Search for top squarks decaying to tau sleptons in pp collisions at √s=13 TeV" has been submitted to Physical Review D and is available on the arXiv webpage now.

Exploiting advanced analysis techniques, the search provides some of the strongest experimental constraints on top squarks in the world of particle physics.

Exclusion plot from the stop-stau search with 2015+2016 data

The plot above shows a comparison of the individual expected and observed exclusion-limit contours at 95% confidence level obtained from the signal region of the lep-had channel (rose) and the signal region of the had-had channel (indigo) against the statistical combination of the two channels. The full set of plots from the publication can be found on the ATLAS webpage.