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First collisions at 13.6 TeV in ATLAS

Run 3 has started: first collisions at 13.6 TeV recorded by ATLAS


atlas2022-1st-13.6Tev-collisions-Zmumu_candidate_Run427394_Evt3606971 © ATLAS Collaboration, CERN

ATLAS has recorded the first collisions of LHC run 3 at a new record collision energy of 13.6 TeV.

The picture shows the production a Z boson and its decay into a pair of muons. The left part of the image is a cross sectional view of the ATLAS detector viewed along the LHC beam pipe. The right part is a cut-away three-dimensional view into the ATLAS detector. Both images present the measured charged particle trajectories (orange lines) and measurements of the energy of charged and neutral particles (green/yellow boxes). The trajectories of the muon particles are highlighted by the red lines. The muon particles are identified by hitting dedicated detector modules in the muon spectrometer of the ATLAS detector (blue/green/purple outlined boxes). Combining the momentum and energy measurements for the two muon particles yields a mass value of 91 GeV/c2 which identifies the recorded event as the production of a Z boson at 13.6 TeV collision energy decaying into the pair of muon particles.

Live event snapshots from proton-proton collisions in LHC at 13.6 TeV can be watched on this dedicated webpage.

More event displays from the recent run3 and from older measurement runs can be found from this webpage of the ATLAS collaboration.