Elementary Particle Physics

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ATLAS FSP Webpage goes online

Your entry point for general information about the BMBF Forschungsschwerpunkt FSP ATLAS


ATLAS-FSP2023 ©M.Brice(CERN)

The ATLAS experiment at CERN is an international project for fundamental research. The research team consists of about 3000 scientists from 181 institutes of 41 countries all over the world. Germany is a major player in this team. About 250 ATLAS scientists are affiliated with one of the 17 german institutes. The members of these institutes work closely together to make the ATLAS experiment a success. The importance and relevance of the research is reflected by the establishment of a BMBF Forschungsschwerpunkt (FSP) ATLAS which is fully funded by the Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF) and which is the framework for supporting and funding the german scientists in their research efforts at the ATLAS experiment and their contributions to upgrade and prepare the ATLAS detector for the upcoming high luminosity operation phase of LHC, the so-called HL-LHC. The measurement programme of ATLAS at LHC and HL-LHC has a brilliant and long lasting perspective until 2040 of pursuing fundamental research at the frontier of our knowledge about the particles and forces in nature. It is insight-driven research on the fundamental entities in nature for discovering new phenomena and for deciphering some of the yet unexplained mysteries of our universe.

Please read the detailed information about the ATLAS experiment and the German institutes like LMU München involved in the experiment on this webpage of the ATLAS BMBF Forschungsschwerpunkt.