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2018 student trip to CERN

From 10 to 12 October 2018 we had our (almost) annul student visit to CERN.

The trip was organised by Dr. Sascha Mehlhase and Prof. Dorothee Schaile and included a full-day tour for 39 bachelor and master students. After a nice general-overview talk by David Handl, we took the stundents to six main itenaries , guided by David Handl, Nikolai Hartmann and others.

We've seen the AMS controll room, the CERN controll room, the magnet-test facility (SM18), restaurant 1 as well as the ATLAS visitor centre.

Here's a few impressions of the trip ...

cerntrip1 cerntrip2 cerntrip3 cerntrip4 cerntrip5